1979 HD Iron Bobber – full picture series

Finally… the full picture series of the 1979 HD Iron Bobber 🙂


Yamaha TR1 Café Racer – rolling…

The Yamaha TR1 Café Racer build coming along…. 

Rear light mounted, seat in correct position, front light in correct position… The gas tank is almost finished sanded. Will be black on the sides, where there is still some color, and bare metal on the rest.

Next up is cleaning and painting the rear swingarm black, and also paint the linkage parts.

Then exhaust, and electrical….



1979 HD Sportster Iron Bobber – full Biker Journalen 3 2015 article

Proud moment again… New bike and new magazine 🙂 This time it is an 4,5 page article on the 1979 HD Iron Bobber, built during the winter.

Thanx a million to Nicki Twang for making it happen, and Morten at Biker Journalen!