Life in the workshop – more pictures


1979 HD Sportster Bobber – exhaust done

Tonight I got the exhaust for the Bobber done. All wrapped in black and finished with brass tips 🙂

I made the brass tips on the lathe, and they were originally ment for using on boats for the engine cooling water outlet 😉 I enjoy using things for totally different purposes…

A new gaswire and some electrical work, then it will be nearly completed.




Yamaha TR1 Café Racer – seatframe finished

Finished welding up the seatframe, which is combined with the new rear shock upper mount. Put the seat on, and it came together nice 🙂 The gas tank is raised about 3 cm at the rear to get the lines right.

Got the tear it almost conpletely down as well, forgot to take a picture of that… A lot of parts to be sandblasted and painted is the next step 🙂





1986 Kawasaki el-Café – small steps…

Still got a cold, so just did small things in the workshop today.

The seat is now all finished, everything handmade. Metal seatpan, some foam and a pleated cover sewn on my handoperated Singer 🙂

Made a bracket for the mobile phone as well. Going to convert an armband to fit the bracket and hold the phone. The grey line and pink writing well be gone of course 😉