1986 Kawasaki el-CafΓ© – update

Yesterday morning the bike was at the local Norwegian DMV for id-control, and I also handed over my application for the rebuild. The guys at the local DMV were very positive and helpfull, my faith in an approval is rejuvinated πŸ˜€

Made a mockup of the batterybox to test in the frame, looks to be a perfect size.

This evening was spent making parts for the motormount, using 1cm steel… Should be solid enough.

Partslist so far:
Reva electric motor
Curtis 1238 motor controller
16 Winston 60ah LiFePO4 batteries
Elektromotus EMUS BMS
Elcon/TC PFC 1.5kW charger
Magura twist throttle

Should be 2-3 weeks before an answer from the DMV, very curious about the answer…






Honda CafΓ© Cross – Press

Again, I’m so grateful for all you guys who are sharing my builds… Thank you!!

I found a nice article and Bike Of The Week at this site:


Also found pictures shared on different Instagram accounts… Thanks again for sharing!


1986 Kawasaki el-CafΓ© – small start

Have started a small project for my self, will try to get it done during the winter in between a customer build (more information soon). The rolling chassi is a 1986 Kawasaki GPZ 1000 RX. The donor for the engine replacement is a 2010 REVAi electric car… Yes, building an electric CafΓ© Racer πŸ™‚

The REVAi is gutted for electronics and motor, and all parts brought to the garage. The batterypack will be replaced by 16 LiFePO4 cells, they will be bought new. Want to make this as much as a budget build as possible, and will try to make and reuse as much as possible from the REVAi and GPZ.

Had to put the engine in the frame to get a visual, and it will fit perfect πŸ™‚

More updates along the way…